How to not be a worrier

Today I’m sharing my tips on how to deal with those worries and overthinking thoughts. The tips I used are quite efficiently working for me although I can’t say it works all 100%. I’m such a worrier and sometimes my dad has to give me a call, giving me advices not to. He said it’s not good for health and of course, every problem comes with a solution. When my dad said something, I know he meant it and I trust him for that. Love you, dad.

    Be productive and I should say, focused? If you’re studying, focus studying and forget whatever else that bothers your mind. If you’re sewing, stay focused. Same goes to if you’re cycling, playing guitar etc. This includes doing something you love or your hobbies. For me, I prefer doing art works everytime I’m stressed out because during the process of creating the best colour combinations or shaping the best designs, I get to diverge my thoughts from unnecessary things.

    Secondly, talk to someone you trust. A listener is important to have and you’ll feel as if a burden flying away from your shoulder once you let it go for someone else to hear. Just recently, I encountered a problem and a close friend of mine did nothing but sat next to me and listened to my rants, I felt a lot lot better after that that I was literally smiling while walking back to my campus.

    3. Pray. He listens and he eases your way. Sometimes, we tend to wish for our problems to go away, we asked Him to heal us without thinking if the truth is, the positive side is; those hardships are curing and healing us. Sometimes, it’s shaping us into better people. Problems = growth.

    Four. Be gentle to yourself, love yourself. Treat yourself a good meal after a rough day and try not to force yourself too much if you couldn’t cope really well with the day. You deserve a break, you deserve a good rest and I believe you deserve endless love. Listen to good music, get a cup of your favourite tea and sit at your favourite spot. Eventually, you’ll feel much better when you are able to take a deep breath and stay calm.

    I personally think sleeping doesn’t work because the moment I wake up, I’ll get worried more than the way I did before. To me, sleeping is just a temporary escape. Worse when those problems appeared in my dreams in a more complicated way so basically what’s the point of that?

    Good luck, sweetie. Today I’m feeling quite good maybe because it’s the weekend tomorrow yay so I’m sending you my love, hoping you could feel the positive vibes. Lots of love, goodnight.


    Deep down

    I like studying alone and reading alone. I like riding the bus alone and walking home alone. It gives me the time to think and set my mind free. I like eating alone and listening to music alone. I like going to places where I don’t have to meet anyone familiar. I might not know the group of people my friends are talking about and I don’t know the places where most girls spend their time during the weekends. But whenever I see a mother with her child, a girl with her lover, or a girl laughing with her best friend, I realize that although I like being alone, I don’t fancy being alone. Sometimes, I wish to be accepted and invited just like everyone else.

    Sorry it’s about you

    Sorry it’s about you.

    Most people will only listen to something when they like what it means. Cowards will wait for good things for come. Pessimists expect worse things and don’t cherish the good things in life. Writers believe if you write about someone, it’s cruel if you don’t tell them. So this is me telling you, this is me being a writer. I have written about you and I still do, sometimes. By heart, I swear I did not mean to write about you. But it seems to me that it is you that I can think about tonight. It’s just one of those nights when I couldn’t bring my heart to calm down. You know, some broken people need to be helped and saved but some don’t. Tonight, I am one of the broken people and I don’t need to hear “everything will be okay” because I know it won’t and I am okay with that. It’s just one of those nights that I like to walk over myself and burn and cry a little more. Days, months and years passed by but I would still love to write about your beautiful eyes, the way you smile and the way you talk. You are an inspiration at times and you need to understand that I love writing although I’m no good in that. It consumes me and for you to be in my passion means a lot. When you’ve become a part of my passion, I believe you don’t die. The love stays there although I might meet another beautiful person out there. “A lot of people don’t understand why a girl would keep the same corruptive and toxic person in her life. And people don’t understand how a girl as delicate as her would fall for a sinful and disastrous person. People don’t understand why she loves him when he breaks her world apart.” And it is hard to understand I get it but most people are looking at the surface of love when actually, it is much deeper than that. He might hurt her but nobody can make her smile like he did. He is the reason why life isn’t normal and he is the reason why she feel emotions. He is the reason why she met one of her best friends and he is the reason why she got to experience real life and not some fantasies she read in novels or seen in movies. You’re the reason why I understand love and how it feels. And you are who he is I was writing about. To other people it may seem like you’re the reason why I’m experiencing pain but you’re not. You may bring pain but you brought me happiness that I can never forget. Walking down the street, I still adore looking at someone who shares the same nose and eyes as yours because it’s as if I’m looking at you. I love the smell of rain because of the feelings you gave me and truth to be told, it is such a beautiful one. I’m sorry for one of these nights but, wholeheartedly, it’s as beautiful as it’s terrifying. Deep in your heart, you might regret falling and loving me but don’t. Because you gave me something nobody else could and you’re a miracle I witnessed.


    14th February 2018.


    Success feels like heaven, truly. It is a feeling where you felt all the hard work you put through finally show the outcomes and it’s all worth it. In the end, it’s worth it.

    I hope it lasts. I love you mum and dad.

    Reasons To Be Grateful

    1) the fact that my parents are still together

    2) their good health, laughter and smile (truly)

    3) my good health

    4) laughing feels good

    5) dreams

    6) hugging someone I love

    7) my cats

    8) my studies, my future

    9) opportunities

    10) good books I haven’t discovered

    11) my playlists

    12) my best friend, K

    13) my house? The house I’m living now?

    14) fresh vegetables and fruits

    15) restaurants with great tomyams

    16) places I haven’t travel

    17) talents inherited

    18) my brother and his lame jokes

    19) my mum’s cookings

    20) the things I really had to work hard to get

    21) the rain

    22) beautiful flowers

    23) pictures to keep

    24) I still have a grandmother

    25) second chances

    Things I Wish We Could Do

    Things I wish I could do if money isn’t a problem, parents aren’t strict and days aren’t rough.. With you of course.

    1) spending a night on the roof. Spending time only with you, talking about the universe, your favourite love songs & your dreams, and for a night, not having anything bothering my mind.

    2) walking in a garden. Surrounded by flowers, nature and just everything breathtakingly beautiful. That includes you, someone so naturally beautiful. I just wanted to understand how it feels to have my loved one being surrounded by something I fancy, looking at you with the flowers as a background must be something I’d die for.

    3) nightdrive. With no destinations, just continuously driving.

    4) scrapbooking. Compiling every picture we took and I’ll spend days to make it the most beautiful scrapbook I’ve ever made.

    5) dancing in the rain. This sounds silly but I think doing that will leave a mark in my heart and I’m sure I’ll think of you whenever it rains again.

    Dear #1512

    6th January 2018, 12.45 a.m.

    To you,

    Firstly, this is a real thing. I always thought of giving you whenever I see cute gifts like you’re still there. I hug you before going to sleep every night like you’re still there. I’m sorry but part of you still belongs here, in my heart. I was having a pretty rough day today and I literally looked at your pictures. It wasn’t my intention to look at it but I just did, out of my conscience. Magically, I suddenly have this really calm feeling in my heart that I smiled to myself just like that. I’m not saying that all the stress just go away but look how your existence affected my life in a good way.

    No matter how many times you’ve wronged me, I still sadly look at you the same way and I can hardly convince myself not to. It’s amazing isn’t it to being able to love someone so much even if it’s unrequited. To you, it’s amazing isn’t it? To have someone who loves you this bad. To love you this much, it’s truly something I’ll be grateful for because loving you gave me all kind of emotions. Not everyone gets to feel this way though.